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Nirvana isn’t just about doing more, it’s about doing what’s important, when it matters most.
It’s about getting organized, staying productive and reducing your stress.

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More features to help you Get Things Done.

  • Unlimited Areas

    Areas let you filter out everything that isn’t relevant to your current area of focus. Imagine being able to hide work related projects when you’re at home, or personal to-dos when you’re at work. Having unlimited areas means being able to compartmentalize to your mind’s content.

  • Unlimited Projects & Reference Lists

    Let your mind run free by creating as many projects as you need, assigned to as many areas as you want. You also get unlimited reference lists to store information valuable to you: articles, quotes, or maybe restaurants you’ve been meaning to check out.

  • Recurring Tasks

    Nirvana Pro makes it easy to create recurring tasks so that you’ll never forget to pay a monthly bill, file a weekly report or pick up the kids after Thursday hockey practice. Tasks can repeat with or without due dates, and even become actionable several days in advance.

Plus all the features you know and love.

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Get a full year of Nirvana Pro for just $29.

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